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So yesterday was a blast! I came out of the stage door and was met by a bunch of great folks who had just seen the show.

Many of them were seeing the show for their second and third times (and are planing to come back again)! I'm so pleased that people are moved by what we do... it makes it all worth while.

One person that was waiting gave me a nice note with a photo that she had taken with me at the Broadway Flea Market. I thought... hey... why not send some shout outs to all of those who have supported me and the show by putting up a little "Photo Gallery" of the pics right here on the blog and on my fanpage of Facebook!

So... here's the first posting! Thanks Chrissy for the photo and for the great letter!

If anyone wants to contribute... just send a photo to the theatre or better yet... bring it with you next time you come and see the show. I'll have some of them posted up on the blog!


Rae said…
Hi James,

It's Rae!

My daughter and her two friends are at the show!
I told her how much I loved it.
I hope I am lucky enough to meet you Tuesday night. If I buy a poster, will you sign it? That would be soooo cool. I will probably faint when I see you.
My hubby will have to catch me.
This will be #3 with two more shows in the future(Oct. 11, Feb.14). Am I obsessing?
I would also like to bring a few of my students to see it. I teach
in Westchester County, which isn't that far away. We shall see.
lea724 said…

I just went to your Facebook fan page and saw the event of you signing a record deal with Tres. Tres's website is still showing a 'coming soon' type of ad, so I was wondering if you'd talk about what's happening with that on your blog? Thanks! :)
jiujiu said…
What a wonderful idea! I've seen your fanpage on Facebook and joined long before I knew you had a blog ( or maybe before the blog was actually up, I don't know exactly..but I'm still the only one from Italy :P ) and this photogallery is a nice thing to keep in touch with the fans who manage to see the show ( why I cannot be in NY city right now, whyy?? )
One day I will bring pictures to the stage door too *_*
Anyway, congratulations for the great success!!
angelbabe8258 said…
OH MY GOD! I'm literally ON the blog! Wow I feel so special!
~Chrissy =]
Artistic1 said…
How, actually, does one post a picture, and a comment to go with it, on your "facebook"? Any "self explanatory" notes would be appreciated...Thanks.
debszajngarten said…
I saw a Tale of Two Cities yesterday for the first time. I felt love and compassion for Sydney Carton when I read the book, but you made me really love him.

Your performance was truly outstanding.
Athena said…
Hey, jiujiu, if you go to NY, come to Spain first and take me with you, ja ,ja.

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