Sold Out Sunday!

Well there was not a seat to be had today. I looked out in the the audience and we were full, full, full!

Thanks to all those who are supporting our show. This truly is the "peoples" show and we are grateful. We've already gotten interest from other cities and even other countries who want to present TALE. And we want to bring it to them!

Day off tomorrow which means spending some quality time with the family. I can't believe how fast the baby is growing.

If the weather is nice we're going to do a full family trip, meaning Dana, me, the baby and the two golden retrievers! Should be a blast.

Question of the day... why is it that when given a choice of a brand new tennis ball or a crusty, muddy, smelly tennis ball... dogs always got for the latter?

Thank goodness for hand sanitizer!


jiujiu said…
Wow! a sold out!!! I'm so happy for you, the cast and all the people involved in the show!
(Other countries? ohh, perhaps someone here in Italy may want to import Tale, then I would die to play madame Defarge's role *_* )
Anyway, it is really a nice idea to have a family trip and hope you will enjoy your vacation! :D

ps: answer to the question of the day...I think dogs choses the latter because they can feel the ball has lived its "life" ( or maybe because to be crusty, muddy and smelly is every dog's secret ambition... - or at least it was my dog's :D )
Rae said…
Hi James,

It's Rae. Well, my daughter and her friends really liked the show.
What a surprise!!! She wants to see it again. She was impressed with Natalie and Kevin's friendliness after the show.
My hubby and I will see you tomorrow nite- #3!!!!
Enjoy your day off. You deserve it!!
Lucy said…
Hi James,
WOW sold out house again! Beautiful, you all deserve that, you've worked so very hard. I will be back to see the show within the next couple of weeks, I am rehearsing myself for my community theater show, so I only have a few nights (with my work schedule thrown in) that I can come. As for your question, I think that the reason your dogs like the old beat up tennis ball is it already has all the scents on it, of the people they love and the places they've been too which must make them feel great - just a guess!! Take good care and enjoy your time off
Lori Ann
Athena said…
Not only dogs but babies do it: you can buy a pretty (and expensive) toy and the baby will prefer the box, not the toy. It's a not-written law, ja, ja.

Have a nice day with your family :)
Andrea said…
Congrats on the sold-out performance, James. You deserve it! I really hope I can see it again soon.

as for the question about tennis balls, I really think it's because the dogs have grown attached to them. Its like needing to get a new pair of shoes, but you really don't want to get rid of your old ones till the last possible second. :)

(my dog's the same way.)

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