We have "frozen" the show today which means that there are no more major changes to be made.

We will continue to get notes throughout the week up to opening night to tighten up what we've got. And this next week will allow us to settle into the final version of the show.

It's been a great journey so far and we're all looking forward to a good run.

Opening night is less than a week away now, and the excitement is palpable. The cast is running around, on what little time they have, off to find opening night "garb." It's a Black Tie event so that limits the guys in their attire but the women are going all out to find beautiful dresses.

We've revamped the website a bit.

Sort of dressed it "down" if you will until we can put up a new more powerful version. So take a peek. The link to CDBaby is up and running too!


Andra said…
... how I loathe sounding like a gushing fan of the one-in-a-million kind. I remember one of your interviews in which you said that touching just one person in the audience gives your work meaning. Thought you should know, regardless of its acknowledgment value, that you have made a difference to me.

It’s late in the perspective of my exhaustion and I’m playing your... ‘sound clips’ as it were, the daily ritual that it has become. Amazingly enough (or not enough, seemingly never enough), something in your voice makes the impossible seems probable. So I wanted you to know, gushing fan disclaimer and all- there must be still something right in the milky way and its music of the spheres for there to be a voice like yours.
Artistic1 said…
Sad to see the old website go, especially the "opening" performance video. I rally liked that. But change is inevitable, isn't it? The only sure thing in this thing called life.
Your interim site looks very nice, and the head shot is by far the best I've seen of you.
jiujiu said…
I'm glad to read about the show been frozen, which means all of you can finally focus on the final version of the show :)
The site presentation is gorgeous, hope you will update it soon!
Gary and Karen said…
We just returned from the afternoon show. It was incredible!!
Bravo! Thank you!!
Lea724 said…
The new site looks lovely. I have to agree with artistic1 in that I, too, really liked the "opening" number of you singing from Jane Eyre. I hope future updates will include that video again... :)

Looking forward to seeing more updates on the site and also looking forward to flying up to NY to see you in Tale in November.
Kyle said…
Hi James: Saw "Tale" yesterday afternoon (9/20) and was totally blown away. I saw this handsome guy on stage and when he opened his mouth, the most gorgeous baritone voice filled the theatre. Ignore the critics - it's the people who will tell everyone how great the show is. This is a role just MADE for you! Thank you for a great day! Kyle

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