Broadway On Broadway!

WHAT A DAY! Wow... it was an amazing event!

HD News is covering the entire A Tale of Two Cities process from beginning to Opening Night and so they accompanied me on the journey today.

We arrived in Times Square at about 11:45 am and went to the holding area for all the performers. It was a "who's who" of Broadway with every show represented.

It truly reminded me just how small the Broadway community is and how important it is to support each other in our endeavors.

It was about 85 degrees out there today and I was, of course, wearing my "Carton Coat" which weighs about 300 lbs... ok, maybe 15 lbs but it was HOT!

As I waited my turn to sing (right after The Little Mermaid) I could look out beyond the stage to Times Square. It was filled... and I mean FILLED with people packed right up to the lip of the stage. I try to remind myself everyday just how blessed I am to be able to do what I do and that was easy to do today.

I walked out onto that stage, the sun was shining, there was an orchestra behind me and then I heard the first note of I Can't Recall. I began to sing and the song was over before I knew it and the audience was ever so kind.

Sometimes it happens that way... I kinda get in "the zone" and time flies by.

As I left the stage and walked toward the reception area... I just smiled. I just got to sing quite literally ON Broadway!

Thanks to all who came and thanks to all who are supporting the show!


jiujiu said…
Lol, I was trying to figure out your 300 lbs coat :P and you feared the rain too, as I've read in your previous post!
Anyway, congratulation for your performance! You surely did you best and the audience noticed it, no doubt! :)
Amelia Millar said…
Waiting in line at 4 in the morning paid off! Seeing all those performances was a once in a lifetime opportunity! Again, you were spectacular. I actually started tearing up during your song.
Romie said…
I so wish I was there, will have to wait until I get to see the show in a week. Though I would have to seen the Little Mermaid stuff too.
jiujiu said…
There is a clip of your performance on! *_* You were truly amazing!!! I repeat myself when I say Congratulations, but you deserve it!

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