Opening Weekend

As I am sure you can imagine, James is crazy busy.

I thought I would share some photos that were taken opening night:

Attending the Tale

I will be seeing it this weekend too and may slide in some comments :)


jiujiu said…
thanks for posting this link! The pictures are awesome, and everyone was absolutely beautiful and elegant! A real event! :D Above all, miss Brandi and miss Natalie were stunning!*_*
Lori said…
Hi Edin,
Well you are in for a treat! I can't wait for you to see the show, I've gone once and will be going again soon. I just got Jame's broadway CD and I love the stories he tells in between songs. If you get a minute, can you ask James if he know anything about recording the OBC CD? I know it's early, but I really want to be able to hear him singing these songs anytime I want. Okay, enjoy the show and please post and let us know all about the show!
take care
Lori Ann

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