Friday already...

We've had a great week so far... ticket sales are up an that's amazing! Even more exciting is that the audiences are still on their feet at the end of the show.

The commercial has hit the air... I seem to be the only one who hasn't seen it on the television. But then again, I don't have much time to watch the tube these days.

The baby is getting soooo big! She's one month old today. Hard to believe it actually. Everyone keeps telling us that we should cherish the time now because it flies... it does!

We've taken her around the city a bit more this past week, crossing Central Park (which she loves), going out to lunch (which she loves)... basically she just loves being out and about. Sitting in the stroller and rolling around town seems relaxing to her. She falls asleep immediately.

Only thing is... it's raining today. We've not taken her out in the rain yet.

We do have one of those bubble things to put over the stroller so we should be good to go!

Now I just need to get raincoats for the dogs!


mfhallinan said…
That's aweosme news that ticket sales are up! Congrats! It was great seeing the show after. I was the extremely tall guy you met after. Great job! _Mike
jiujiu said…
hello! I'm glad that the show is selling so much ( this means I may be have a chance to see it, next spring *_* if everything goes right here)
I love when you talk about Hudson, I feel like I can actually see here grow and flourish through your words :)

Ps: I haven't seen a dog with a raincoat all my life! :D
Lauren said…
Wow, You need to spend more time with Hudson before she gets taller ^^ Anyway. I love reading your blog James. Its beautiful james. Good Luck. I agree with you on the Friday thing James! *laughs* TGIF JAMES!!
Rebecca said…
Broadway baby
Living large in NYC
Nothing else to do, you see
'Cause Dad's in a show...

Hudson, sweetie, if you make "Sondheim" your first word, I'll send you a box of Nut Goodies all your own! Minnesota Rebecca, coming to see TALE late next month.
Robert said…
How do the dogs like Hudson?
dmichaud said…
I think it's great ticket sales are up. I saw the show 8/30. How's your Sydney Carlton bear? I hope you're taking good care of him. I love the show and especially love your voice. I hope to see the show again in the spring. maybe this time I can meet Ron Sharpe. We have been exchanging emails. Hudson must hear the most
beautiful lullabyes.
Rae said…
Hi James,

It's Rae, again!
Happy 1 month birthday to Hudson.
The time does fly by. Take lots of videos and give her lots of love.
See you Tuesday.
Athena said…
Will there be a DVD from this show someday?
Athena said…
I'm here again!
Does anybody know if James has an official e-mail? I'd like to send to him one drawing I did from "A tale of two cities" (the novel) in 1992. It is like one of the photos from the show!
Edin said…
Athena, you could join his fan page on facebook here:

You might be able to post a nore there.

I will talk to him about setting up something otherwise.
Athena said…
Thank you very much, Edin! ;)

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