Off-Road Strollers

It is so cute when new father's can't stop talking about their babies. I asked James Barbour for some more on the show when he has time but all he can talk about is the baby. Here you go:

"So choosing a stroller in New York City is like choosing the best off road vehicle for your trek through the outback. There is everything imaginable to contend with, from curbs, broken sidewalks, puddles, garbage... and yes even grass, twigs and boulders. In turn we went looking for what we thought would best suit our needs.

"The Bug-a-Boo seems to be the stroller of choice here in NY, but at $950.00 a pop we thought a more economical one would be better. I absolutely love the Stokke with it's cool upright design; the sales person told us it was designed so that 'your baby can look out onto the world.'

"I also LOVED the 'Herculean' Peg-Prego, which I called the Range Rover of strollers.

"But after much 'test-driving' in the store, Dana and I settled on the Uppa-Baby and so far we love it.

"The cool thing about the Uppa-Baby is that it breaks down into two parts and for large strollers like this, that's a good thing. It's also got a 'one touch' button to extend the handle bar (great for my tall frame). They're fairly heavy, which is good for traction when going 'Off-Road' in the Park, but not so great for a cab ride.

"What we plan do most of the time is keep the big stroller intact and should we want to take a short jaunt in a cab we'll use a Graco Stroller frame that has an adapter for our car seat. This is a much more manageable unit and much easier to fold for trips.

"So...h ere I am just having completed our Tuesday night performance of a Tale of Two Cities and I'm writing about Strollers.

"Life is grand!"


jiujiu said…
Those two posts were so nice and I had fun reading :D I agree! it's cute when fathers talk about their babies! It reminds me of all the stories my mom used to tell me about my dad, you'll never sleep well again, lol! Congratulations again! and thank you again for posting, edin!:)

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