Still Preparing for the "Big Night"

Today is another day of rehearsal as we near the "Big Night" on September 18th.

We're making minor adjustments to some scenes in terms of lighting and clarity. Warren is going to "re-tech" one section in the top of Act II just to make it cleaner in terms of focus.

Jill Santoriello has amended some dialogue within a couple of the smaller scenes to make them flow more evenly and we will give those a shot as well.

It's a collaborative process and we never implement something into the show without first trying it out "on it's feet." That way there are no surprises to anyone involved.

And oh, I've gotten word that some folks are having difficulty obtaining my CD, Broadway in Concert. There will be an new interim website up for me in the next couple of days which will have a link to CDBaby (or you can just go there directly I guess). You can order it there.

There was also some question about a previous version of my CD with missing tracks. Unfortunately we've totally SOLD OUT of that printing and the only one that is available now is the current... Broadway in Concert.

And the CD will be available for purchase here at the theatre after opening night!

And Oh... Fatherhood is still amazing!


jiujiu said…
I'm excited for your big night! Hope everything is working properly! :D
Anyway I bought the cd broadway in concert ( I wanted it so bad at the time I won it on ebay after a week, lol!) and I was so sorry to know there were some missing tracks..I've found a german site that used to have the other version, but last week I took a look and it was gone, and now the current version is the only available one.

to the fans: take a look if you want
but if you live in America, then go to cdbaby, for cds here in europe are just a "little" more expensive -_-

I want to get your " Love Songs" and the cd " The Gift" also... I can't find them anywhere, but I'm not gonna give it up! :P

ps: If what my mom told me about my father is true, Fatherhood is going to be always amazing! :D
Artistic1 said…
Is your "Love Songs" Cd that the other poster mentioned still available? If not, will it be in the future?

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