A Tale of Two Cities Progress

Edin here:

Just wanted to share the exciting news that A Tale of Two Cities is actually one of the few shows on Broadway actually making a lot more money each week (see this article).

People are loving it which isn't surprising. I saw the show and it totally rocked!


jiujiu said…
what a news! tale is really here to stay!!! :D
Linda said…
We saw "A Tale" opening weekend and loved it. The cast is very strong, the scenery spectacular and the music great. Not only did you do an amazing job--we expecially enjoyed you with our granddaughter--the seamstress. I have a Google Alert on the play and have loved seeing the critiques starting to change.Hurray for "A Tale of Two Cities"!!! Linda White
ward said…
jimmy, it's ward - i'm with my advisory class at school - we just wanted to say "hi" - the show is great and we hope you keep packin''em in... say hi to the family for me... congrats again "dad"

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