Day Off

Well... my first REAL day off in weeks!

Feels kind of odd. I like to keep busy with work and after such a long period of continual effort and very little sleep, it was odd to wake up today and not have to go to the theatre.

That said... we had an amazing day with the baby!

She's growing so fast and is already over 10lbs! Chubby cheeks... LOVE IT! Dana and I took her into the park today for a nice stroll. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the baby seemed to enjoy the ride.

It was nice to relax a bit today but it's back to work tomorrow.

I heard the TALE commercial is running now. Have yet to see it but heard it looks cool.

By the by... make sure you guys stop by the stage door after the show. I'd love to meet everyone who supports us!


jiujiu said…
I'm happy for you and your family, you truly deserved a day off to spend with your beautiful wife and baby ( 10lbs! she's a little girl already! :D)
I've been looking for the tv commercial on the net but I could'n find it yet, I will wait until some angel of web post it somewhere *_*
Hope to see the show this spring!
Rae said…
Hi James,

I want to see the show again and again. We might even try to see it next Tuesday nite or Wednesday matinee. It has truly made an impression on my heart and soul.
Thank you.

Marsha said…
I have recently discovered your blog and have enjoyed reading all of your comments. Congratulations to you and your wife on the birth of your beautiful daughter! My sister had triplets on August 29th, 32 years ago. I attended your first concert at Asolo in January and even talked with you afterwards. I don't know if you will remember the woman who told you that you were her Christmas Gift. At any rate, I have some pictures I would like to send you from that meeting. Hope to see the play sometime, but alas, I have traveled much in this last year. Hope it runs for years and years.
Lauren said…
That's wonderful that you got to be home with your family. Though it kind of sucks, that you have to go to work the next day. I think you should stay home for a week to be with your daughter and your wife. I cannot believe your a father. Congrats! I a have a feeling you'll do great. Take care James! We love you here. Well, at least I do! Hope everythings running smoothly at Tale. Can't wait to see it in October of 2009. Take Care, and Enjoy Yourself at Work!
- Lauren

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