Tuesday Night.'s Early Show.

We do a 7 pm show on Tuesday nights...still trying to get used to them.

We've moved to a "regular" schedule this week, meaning Tuesday through Sunday with Monday's off. I've always said that we have Monday's off so that we can watch Monday night Football.

The show is doing very well. I'm still overwhelmed when we come out for the curtain call and the audience jumps to their feet. I'm glad they're enjoying it. I certainly enjoy performing it.

The weather is becoming more fall-like which means it's time to figure out what to dress the baby as for Halloween! I've always seen those Pumpkin Costumes where the baby is just a big round Pumpkin... LOVE that!

Dana and I have a dear friend, Marcia, who is the wardrobe supervisor on the Legally Blonde tour (she's sort of the baby's surrogate Grandmother on my side since my mom is gone) and she is the most amazing fabricator of clothing! She keeps offering to make the baby a cool costume... we just have to figure out what it is! I'm still leaning toward that Big Pumpkin!

Two shows tomorrow and some PR work in between!

By the way... we are getting ready to sell my CD's at the theatre!


jiujiu said…
I've always wondered why there were no shows on monday : football was the last thing on my mind, though! :P

I love to hear you talking about your family: you seem "real" ( for those who still had doubts about it :D) and truly a kind person! You deserve all the best, and wish the show will keep going on for long time ( so that I can come and see it, too!)

ps: I think that pumpkin costumes are a great idea, they're so cute!

but I prefer this one :P
Rae said…
Hi James,

My granddaugher was a pumpkin her first Halloween. She was Tinkerbell the second, which is Nana's favorite character!!

Enjoy Halloween with your new angel. I bet she makes your heart smile.


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