Parenthood is Amazing

Still with the baby, so from James Barbour:

"Well... parenthood is an amazing thing!

"My wife... what a magnificent person, has taken to motherhood like a fish to water.

"We brought the baby home yesterday (I told you I never take a day off) and spent the day just looking and smiling at her. Such a sight to behold!

"Of course, all I could do last night was just stare at her. Every little sound she would make I'd pop up and rush over to make sure she was OK.

"I had the baby monitor right next to my ear and all night I contemplated ways to have streaming video of the room played directly into my brain while I slept. I'm told that's called "First Time Father Syndrome."

"I think the baby got more sleep than I did.

"She's a great baby, sleeps well, feeds well and has the strongest grip I've ever felt in my life! Good Barbour stock!

"Everyone at the theatre has been all smiles, she'll have more aunts and uncles than she knows what to do with...and they can all sing the best lullabies.

"Oh... and great show tonight! Another packed house."


Leah D said…
Congratulations to you all!

I hope Dana knows you're writing such wonderful things about her.

All the best!
KathyP said…
This is such a sweet post. "Streaming video directly into your brain while you sleep." That's the best new parent quote ever. Big congrats on your newfound parental bliss.

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