Questions Answered About Previews

I asked James Barbour to answer some of the questions that were asked about the preview process. Below are the questions and his answers (he does love the comments, just is too crazy busy to really answer them all):

Q. How many previews are there before a show opens on Broadway?

This depends upon the show, but from my experience there is usually a four to six week preview process before a show opens. Mind you, some shows come directly to Broadway after an out of town try out. There is no precise number.

Q. How do you realize that a song or a scene has to be deleted from the show?

There is a lot that goes into making a decision such as this and it's not just one person making that decision. There are many people who have hands in the pot, so to speak. You have the director, producer, choreographer, writers, etc. all sitting down to figure out what the best case scenario is. So it's a collaborative effort.

Q. What if you notice that after the opening night?

Well that's what the previews are for so that we can try to figure out everything BEFORE we get to opening. 12 hours days, 7-8 shows a week in front of audiences for 6 weeks, that gives us a pretty good amount of time. I don't ever think you can ever please 100% of the people 100% of the time and everyone has their own opinions about what they like and don't like. We just try and do our best and create the best show we possibly can.


jiujiu said…
thank you so much for answering my questions! and thank you, edin, for posting them! :)

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