Opening Night Part 2

Well, to continue... the Opening Night was spectacular. The audience went wild, as they truly do every night and when it was over, it was like we had just started.

I had some friends, family and colleagues at the show, so I met them backstage afterwards before we headed off to the Opening Night Party at Cipriani on Wall Street.

I changed into my tux and then hopped into the car to be driven downtown. We arrived at Cipriani about 10:45ish and it literally took me almost an hour and a half to get from the front door to my table where all of my guests were waiting.

We had to go through the Press line where they take pictures and ask questions... everyone was great... and then from there through the throngs of guests to my table.

By the way... I have to say how beautiful my wife looked... and just three weeks after having our glorious baby! A shout out to my sister-in-law Jessica for caring so fondly for our little girl during the festivities. (Ok, so I kept calling her every 20 minutes to check in, but Jess has two kids of her own so our little one was in VERY good hands).

After that, the night was a bit of a blur and the minutes flew by. So many people, so many faces, so many celebrities... what a night!

We left the party having not had much to eat or time to sit... and after the ever so glamorous night I got home, helped Dana with the baby and took the dogs out to poop. Such glamor huh? At least I changed out of my tux!


Artistic1 said…
It was mentioned that you had a major part in Brandi being introduced into the Tale cast. Did you also help acquire the Hirschfeld Theatre as Tale's future residence on Broadway?
I hope you will answear this question, as I note that you not always answear what is asked on this blog (I know, of course, it must be because you are very busy).
I am so very glad that your special night was a success.
BwayFan2000 said…
Greetings James. Sending you best wishes from the west coast, Angela
jiujiu said…
lol! you're truly glamorous! :D anyway, I'm glad to read about this amazing and elegant opening night! It surely was a great event! Congratulations to you and your wife and of course the cast, the crew and everybody that is involved :)
Lauren said…
Hello James!
Tis Moi, once again. I love reading your blog. Hope to hear more from you. Im sure your sister-in-law was taking really good care of you little girl Hudson. Hudson if I must say is a beautiful name =). I have a feeling she'll grow up and do theatre. I love Theatre. I do hope to see you in Tale next October when Im there. We go every other year. *pouts* sucks i know but hey, its fun. Hope you and your family are doing well. Tell Dana I said Hello, and the same thing with your little one.

God Bless You James!
- Lauren
Athena said…
You are a lovely man with your baby, your wife and your pets. And you are an amazing singer and actor! Are you real?

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