Speed Through

So yesterday we did a "speed through" of the show.

The cast basically sped through the lines of dialogue and spoke the words of all the songs very quickly. Warren's idea behind this is to just get us all on the same page after our day off.

It's interesting to see what happens in situations like this. There is no blocking, no costumes, no props...just the actors standing in a circle saying the lines of the show very quickly. We're not even "focused" on the meaning of the words, although with all of the work we've done the meaning is there no matter how fast we speak the lines. It was quite fun and very illuminating.

This exercise forces us to really listen to each other on stage and that, in turn, makes us stay in the scene moment to moment and not let anything pass without paying attention to it.

We then did a little physical warm up and then a short vocal warm up before our diner break. Looking forward to another week of hard work.


jiujiu said…
It was interesting to read about this exercise, for I did something similar with my theather club reading Beckett's Waiting for Godot, years ago :) I shall remember this exercise and its utility.
Anyway, keep up the good job! :D
clifford said…
James- Brandi introduced us after the show on Monday- I just wanted to compliment you again on a fantastic performance. There is a very visible committment to the music and characters from each cast member and it just made for a truly phenomenal show. Continued success!
Clifford Rivera

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