Broadway Flea Market

Today was the Broadway Flea Market (an annual event to raise money for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS). There are auctions of Broadway memorabilia, autographed photos, playbills... all kinds of cool Broadway stuff and all the money goes to BC/EFA.

I was at the "celebrity" booth (still chuckle at that... me a celebrity). To my left was my good friend and star of GREASE, Derek Keeling and on my right was designer Chris March from Project Runway. (Ok, I admit it... I TIVO Project Runway... I'm addicted).

The fans were stellar and the turnout... HUGE!

I've done the Flea market before and this year I can say was massive. The Broadway audiences and fans walk in and among the Broadway performers. Where else can you get that?

It's the amazing thing about Theatre compared to TV and Film. At the end of the show... you can stand at the Stage Door and meet the very people who you've just watched on the stage. And in turn, we get to meet the audiences who came to see the show.

LIVE performance, there's nothing like it. It's interactive, it's visceral and it's all right there in front of you.

So thanks to all the amazing fans, thanks to all those who have come to the show and thanks to all those who are planning to attend!

We're looking forward to seeing you again and again and again!


jiujiu said…
I didn't know such a thing as Broadway Flea Market actually exist! It must have been amazing, I wonder why there is nothing like that here ( I would love it, I'm addicted to theater and all things related to it!)
Anyway, I agree with you, Live performance is different from anything else on show biz! It's lively and involves you and the audience and...well,I guess you know it better than me!
I'll not be able to come to NY until next spring, so I hope to attend the show!
Thank you and keep up the good job, Mr. Celebrity! :D
Rae said…
Hi James,

I don't know if you even read these comments, but I am such a huge fan of yours. I wish you much success with your show. I love it and my husband and I will see it as often as we can. We have seen it twice and have tix for
two more shows. How can I get your autograph?

Siobhan said…
Thanks so much for taking the time yesterday to take 2 photos with me out side the theater.You were speaking to those ladies from Long Island trying to convince them to see the show. You were nice enough to take 2 photos with me and chat a bit about your new daughter. Thanks again, (you came out pretty good by the way in both pictures!)

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