New Costumes for A Tale of Two Cities

So Brandi and Aaron (Luci and Darnay) got new additional costumes yesterday for the "Wedding Scene" or "IF DREAMS CAME TRUE." They really are quite beautiful.

Brandi's new costume is a Salmon/Pink color and Aaron's is Gold. This addition not only gives us contrast but shows a passage of time, if you will.

We ran that scene a couple of times in costume just to make sure that the new, more intricate costumes, flow the way the previous ones did.

They do!


Athena said…
If I only could see this musical... but I'm in Spain!
jiujiu said…
I've taken a look at the pictures on the site and all over the web and realized TALE has really awesome costumes!
Anyway...are there gonna be some pictures of them somewhere, someday? I wish I could see them ( as I'd like to see the show itself, of course! :P )
Debbie said…
I can't wait to see the new costumes and the changes!
I just LOVED the show in Sarasota! We hope to make it up to New York before it gets too cold! Should I bring take out from Panera Bread to the stage door?
So happy about your baby girl! Congratulations!
Hugs and Love
(The Doll Lady from Florida)
Lori said…
Hi James,
I saw Tale last week and loved it, it is indeed a beautiful story. I love Jill's music/lyrics, so much. I've been following this show since the release of the first demo CD. I know it's early, but do you think there will be a OBC CD made? I do hope so, your voice is magnificent, it reflects every emotion that is portrayed thru your lyrics and your body, it is truly a master class for song interpretation! I wish you and the cast a "break your leg" for the official opening, but I'm thinking I might have to come see it before then!! Take care,
your fan
Lori Ann
paj726 said…
Our whole family saw Tale of Two cities on September 1st. Everyone, including our ten year old son loved it.
My daughter and I attended four performances of Jane Eyre. It is one of my favorite books and it seems that you really captured the character of Rochester. (At first I could not imagine a musical version of the story.)
Best wishes to you and much success in this new production. You are a brilliant actor.

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