One Day Before Opening!

We've got one day... well one show left actually before Opening Night and everyone is very excited.

The support of the audiences has been astounding and we're looking forward to an incredible evening tomorrow night. Needless to say that most everyone is a bit fatigued from the long hours but nothing is going to get in the way of our great night. It will be a celebration of all the hard work we've done.

I can't echo this point enough how truly amazing the cast and crew of A Tale of Two Cities is.

It's been a filled couple of weeks. I do wish my parents were alive to see this show. One or both of them has come to every opening I've had on Broadway. I will miss them tomorrow night (as I do every night).

The circle of life has been so clear to me during this time. The incredible birth of our daughter two weeks ago and the loss of my uncle (an amazing man) to cancer just one week ago. He did get to see photos of the baby before he passed which made him happy.

And today... today we got some great news. My father-in-law (one of the strongest men I've ever met) has been battling cancer for quite a while and today he got a clean bill of health from the Oncologist!

I don't take life for granted anymore... come to think of it, I never really have.

But with the events of the past few weeks I'm looking at our Opening Night as a celebration not just of our show and the hard work we've all done, but also as a celebration of life and the lives of those who could not be here to share it with us.

Life is a blessing... live every minute of it.


Dorothy said…
"I do wish my parents were alive to see this show. One or both of them has come to every opening I've had on Broadway. I will miss them tomorrow night (as I do every night)."
So let me 'teach' you one more time. I can say with certainty, they will be there. Do you think your mom, who dragged you to Ms. A's, beamed pride in you, and guided your learning, would not be there? You will know her presence on opening night. And your Dad, whose strength and insights you mirror, will he not be there? Those we love never leave us. In every moment of joy or sorrow, those who have returned to God, return to us. It's a postulate, not a theorem!! Believe. Afterall, a circle is an infinite set of points.
Have a spectacular opening! All my best.
Kathryn said…
Emily Bronte wrote "Are not the best beloved of years/Around your heart forever?"
I hope your first opening night without your parents, but with your new daughter, will be a memory that will stay "around your heart forever." Congratulations to you and everyone involved with the show.
jiujiu said…
I totally agree with what other blogger here said: they are with you, always! No words can explain this feeling( even though I know it too well) but believe me, those who love us never really leave our side...maybe we cannot hear their voices, speak to them as we used to do, ask them for advices, but they always find a way to help us through the darkest moment and to enjoy of our success and our finest days with us :)
Said so, I'm glad to hear about your father-in-law and wish him all the best and also I wish you and all the cast and crew the success you deserve for such a hard work!
Carrie M said…
James, I’m a new fan since seeing “Tale” last week, in which you were simply amazing. In interviews and on this blog I’ve found you to be gracious, generous with praise for your colleagues, down-to-earth, centered, and insightful. I’m inspired by you. Best wishes for opening night!
Heather said…
Your parents will certainly be watching tonight, I am sure. Life truly is a blessing, and I wish you and the rest of the cast a wonderful, exciting opening night. And, of course, a great success with the show!
Artistic1 said…
Life truly does happen. Yesterday, so many things happenned in my day, that I was not able to post to say "break a leg". However, it's been echoing in my mind over and over throughout the day yesterday, as well as today, so consider it to be just as effective.
Your parents would be extremely proud of you today. As they would be every day, for you are also an amazing man, which I am sure someone must have told you already.
I am sure God's love allows the spirit of those we love so dearly, and who have departed our lives forever, to be close to us when we summon them. God is very gracious and He will always give us a blessing for every loss, as you have just experienced. Let us all remember this, and accept His will.
Artistic1 said…
Forgot to mention that why I was busy yesterday was due to the birth of a dear family member's baby girl. She was due in November, but decided to come early. At the end of last week, I experienced a death of a distant relative. So, you see, one loss, one blessing. I'm not sure who Dorothy is, but she seems to also care for you, and perhaps what she said is something you should consider: Believe. There is a God, never forget. Just in nature alone, we can see His wondrous miracles at work.
Lauren said…
My dear James,
I cannot tell how happy I am for you. You have a million of fans, there watching you every night. I've been listening to the soundtrack and listening to you sing "Let Her Be A Child" Its such a beautiful song. I wish you and your family the best. I also wish the cast and crew for A Tale Of Two Cities, best of luck. I hope you guys do a great job. I really want to see this. And just a reminder, I have an Aunt who is Battleing cancer as well James. I am sorry to hear your parent's aren't there to see you perform. I can tell its hard for you. But they're with you. Don't forget that =] You have have your beautiful wife, and child with you there. Good Luck in Tale!
- Lauren

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