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I want to give everyone further information on the Adopt A Class program that was created for Tale. This program is the first of it's kind and is truly having a remarkable impact on the community and educational systems that are taking advantage of it.

This blog is quite a bit longer due to all the information about the program.

The producers of Tale have created an innovative new program never before done on Broadway: Adopt-A-Class. This one-of-a-kind program provides the funds to bring classrooms of inner city students to enjoy, perhaps for the first time, a wonderful and memorable Broadway experience.

The creator of this program, Roberta Nusim, grew up in the Bronx and is a former NYC teacher.

Here is a brief description of the program.

Adopt A Class to See A Tale of Two Cities... and Inspire Young People to Make Their Dreams Come True!

This unique program offers schools and youth groups the opportunity to come to Broadway to experience and be inspired by the powerful themes of A Tale of Two Cities.

How Does the Program Work? Make a tax-deductible contribution to the Weiner Nusim Educational Foundation, a 501c3 not-for-profit organization, and your entire contribution will fund the purchase of tickets for young people to see A Tale of Two Cities.

Your contribution of $2500 will purchase 30-50 tickets for youth to an upcoming performance of A Tale of Two Cities. You can make any donation in multiples of $500.

You can earmark your tax-deductible contribution to send young people from any school or community group you select as long as it is a public school, church, synagogue, library or other not-for-profit institution serving young people.

Some sponsors are funding groups in their own communities, others are selecting schools they attended as children, others are adopting inner city schools, local teams, religious or community youth groups. You can select the specific school or youth organization you would like to fund or leave it to the Foundation to choose for you.

On Wednesday September 8th a group of 50 students from Mott Haven School (a Title One school) in the South Bronx initiated the program when they came to their first Broadway experience at the 2pm matinee.

The following is an excerpt from a letter by Bob Nation who was an educator in New Jersey for 38 years.

“Hello all,

I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone...of the incredible thing that happened in the Al Hirshfeld Theatre yesterday afternoon.

Fifty students from the south Bronx, who had never stepped foot in a Broadway theatre, came to see A Tale of Two Cities and had the "time of their life." At the talk back many members of the cast were gracious enough to talk with these kids even though they had another show in a couple of hours. Roberta Nusim captured their attention with reference to her own schooling that occurred within walking distance from Mott Haven. And they applauded wildly when they heard it was her foundation that got them there. What a delight to hear such innocent questions as: "were you really singing live?" "were there real musicians playing down there?" or comments like, "its gonna make reading the book so much more fun." And 50 "thank you's" - one by one!

Realize the mark that A Tale of Two Cities, the musical, is making on this community that no other Broadway show has yet to do. Throughout my years as an educator in a so called, "well to do" community, I never imagined that a school within walking or subway distance from Broadway may never have seen a live, professional show..."

The program really did have an impact. Most of these students were reading Tale as part of their curriculum and all of them spoke about how after seeing the show they had a greater understanding of the story and were now encouraged to go back and read the novel or class. It makes a difference and even if only one student is motivated to grow and learn that is one more person who can make a positive impact on this world.

If you know of a group who would qualify for this program or know of benefactors who would like to aid in this effort...please help us bring this valuable educational tool to the lives of students everywhere. Help us Adopt A Class.

Please also note that students in New York City do not require transportation. However, if you prefer to sponsor a school outside of NYC transportation costs will be additional, estimated between $500 and $1000 per busload.

You will receive confirmation of the date and group that you are sponsoring and you are welcome to attend the performance and meet the group. You will also receive an acknowledgement from the Weiner Nusim Foundation of your contribution for tax purposes.

Please spread the word about Adopt A Class...and Inspire Young People to Make Their Dreams Come True to your friends and business associates today.

If you are interested in making a donation to this exciting program or wish to recommend a specific school or youth group to add to our list awaiting sponsors please contact Roberta Nusim at or call for more information 203-526-3895.


Nisbett Family said…
This is fantastic!! What a fantastic opportunity for those students. Two of my sons on I were enthralled last Thursday night by your performance. It was absolutely amazing!! Your performance was one of the most three dimensional characters I have ever seen on stage. Last night I posted on my facebook status that I wished that I could bring my whole Fine Linen Drama Group to see your show. (I direct a homeschool drama group from mid-Missouri) I am so glad that more kids will experience this fantastic production! Thank you so much for the joy we had watching your show.
Mond said…
If I could only create something similar here in Mexico!!! OMG! That would be amazing!

Can you imagine public school kids enjoying theatre in this country? Wow! One day I will, I promise I'll share!
Rae said…
Hi James,

It was great seeing you today. The show moved me to tears again. What a performance by you!
Evan and I can't seem to get enough of "A Tale". All of the performers go out of their way to make the fans feel special. The time you all take outside to pose for pics and sign autographs is amazing. You are a unique group of individuals. The program, Adopt-A-Class sounds great. Thank you for the info.
Artistic1 said…
Thanks for answearing my question.
What a GREAT undertaking and achievement this is for the Tale family. My kudos to the producers for thinking up such an amazing opportunity for these kids. Like the saying goes: "It is easy to smile when somebody cares".
These kids will remember this kindness for the rest of their lives, and in some, it will arouse the fire of accomplishment and greatness.
Thanks to all.
jiujiu said…
Thank you so much for this blog, now the whole project is clearer to me and I agree with other bloggers, it is truly fantastic! Wish there was something like that here too!
Siobhan said…
This sounds like a fabulous program. Too bad I teach 2nd grade and my school is not a title one. Some of my little kids have seen Beauty and the Beast ,Mary Poppins etc on Bdway with their families and loved live theatre. It's so important to start them young.To show them what's out there besides wii and nintendo etc.

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