Another Set of Questions Answered by James Barbour

I tried to collect up all the questions again for James to answer (previous ones here). Again, let me know if you have any more in the comments:

Q. Any update on when "The Tale" CD is going to be recorded and released?

No new update as of yet. Last I heard they were shooting for sometime in October.

Q. Will there be a DVD from this show someday?

I haven't heard anything about a DVD of the show... this would most likely happen way down the line. It's not often that Broadway shows are recorded for DVD. Good idea though!

Q. Did you suggest or recommend the Hirschfeld, or perhaps found it for the producers, and then they decided whether or not to acquire it? Any influence?

I had no influence nor did I suggest the theatre to the producers. Acquiring a Broadway theatre has mostly to do with availability and timing.

Q. Did you "time" the arrival of your baby to more or less be at the time of the official opening of Tale, or was the whole thing (pregnancy, that is) not planned at all?

Considering a baby's gestation period is 9 months and we had no idea when TALE was going to Broadway it would have been difficult to "time" anything like that. That would have been quite a task. It was just coincidence.

Q. If I buy a poster, will you sign it?


Q. I just went to your Facebook fan page and saw the event of you signing a record deal with Tres. Tres's website is still showing a 'coming soon' type of ad, so I was wondering if you'd talk about what's happening with that on your blog?

"Tres" is indeed still moving forward. With Tale in full swing and my other "band-mates" in the midst of current projects we're all trying to get our schedules on track so that we can take the Demo that we did and turn it into a fully produced CD. I'll keep you guys posted as more info comes my way.

Q. Do you have any other "secrets" for saving your voice you can share? Like do you do a whole long warmup, or a short one and just sing?

What I've said before is pretty much it. I don't really "warm down" from the performance the day before so I'll do a very short warm-up with some light humming.

(Note: See this post for original post)

Q. How is Buddha doing?

Buddha is Great! What a dog!

(Note: See this post for last update)

Q. Is there any way you can tell us in advance of your promotional stuff you do?

Sure...I can. Sometimes I don't know until the day before but I'll do my best when I have a long lead time.

Q. When did you get married?

Almost 2 years ago

Q. Is Hudson's birthday August 29th?


Q. Is there a way I can email you something?

Edin here (since I am the more technical one) you should join the James Barbour fan page on facebook where you can upload fan photos with comments. We are going to test some other things so keep a watch there.

Q. How, actually, does one post a picture, and a comment to go with it, on your "facebook"?

Edin again, Go to James Barbour fan page on facebook and in the right column you will see a box that says "# of # fan photos" and then to the right is "Add Photos". After that it pretty much walks you through the steps of uploading an image including writing a caption. Let me know by comment here if you have any problems with this.


Athena said…
Thanks for the answers! I don't lose the faith in a future DVD from the show... ;)
Rae said…
Hi Edin,

Thanks for the answers. You are sooo helpful!!

jiujiu said…
Thank you for posting these answers! I will wait for mr. Barbour's future projects ( both Tale OBC and the one I've read about on facebook)to be released!
Oh, I'm so glad to hear Buddha is doing fine! ^_^
Anonymous said…

I went to Tale of Two Cities in previews ( loved it!!! ) and would really like to get a souvenir programme.

Does anyone know if they will be available for purchase online?

They were not selling them at the theatre, of course, because the show had not yet opened.

Thanks! And best of luck with a fantastic show!
Artistic1 said…
I feel bad about asking this again, but my real question, again, was not really answeared: I asked when "exactly" (month and year) did you get married? As I said, someone said August 2007(?).
Just one of those things people like to know, that's all.
Thanks for the other aswears.
Artistic1 said…
By the way, just so you know, we missed your Friday update. I'm sure it was because you were very busy.
Tootles said…
James, I was in the front row of the mezz. on Saturday and the show was wonderful! You were beyond brilliant and there were times when you were singing that I was so blown away I forgot to breathe! I hope the show runs for a long time, and I'm looking forward to the original Broadway cast recording.

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