Monte Cristo

Dana and I had dinner with Frank Wildhorn and Brandi Burkhardt tonight. We discussed so many new things as well as the Dracula CD and Monte Cristo reading.

The cast for Monte Cristo (which i can tell you about when it's official) is pretty cool. Great voices all around.

I'm pretty sure that the reading won't be open to the public given the union rules governing these things but I'll be sure to keep the updates flowing during the process.

Now to the important things... what to dress up the baby as for Halloween!!!

We were thinking Pumpkin but everyone does that... maybe a flower with petals all around her head, she'd be soooo cute. (Wait... maybe I'll wear that one).


Athena said…
A musical based on "The Count of Montecristo" is a great idea. And you are the best for play the main character. Your voice is perfect for it!

Flower with petals? Ooooooh, so cute!
jiujiu said…
Ohhh, your litle baby dressed like a flower with petals all around her head...she would be sooo cute! ( if you dressed up with something like that, instead...well, maybe I would just pretend I don't know you at all :P just kidding! )Personally I'd prefer some disney's costume , she'd be lovely! *_*
Anyway, I will stay tuned for other info about Monte cristo!! I'm so excited!! There was an italian musical version of it a couple of years ago but, was not comparable to any mr. Wildhorn's compositions!
Rae said…
Hi James,

I like Tinkerbell! A pumpkin is a cute idea too! How about a star?
Make sure she is warm!!!

If all goes well, my students will be in attendance at my favorite show on 10/29. I look forward to seeing you then. Thanks again for all the info on Adopt A Class.
Lauren said…
Oh James. Your so funny. I love seeing what your doing everyday of your life. You will be amazing as the Count for Montecristo. Please say yes to the title character James! Please!!

xD Love yea buddy

- Lauren
Mond said…
Edmundo Dant├ęs and you! Breathtaking! No doubt!

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