Flooding the theatre

So it rained yesterday but that didn't stop the audience from flooding into the matinee performance. We had yet another full house in the afternoon.

The rain really came down after the show and we had the stroller rain cover in use for the first time. It's great for the baby... not so great for mom and dad.

Alas, that's what umbrellas are for I suppose.

We walked around the block trying to figure out where to go to dinner and ended up exactly where we started.

I don't mind the rain all that much, after all it's just water. The difficult thing is traversing the NY streets in the rain, with the stroller and all the people rushing to and fro.

We rose to the challenge however and made it through.

Looking forward to today. Hope it doesn't rain...


Mond said…
Heard it's a beautiful day today :)
Ruth said…
We braved the rain as well on Saturday, and were well rewarded by your performance. We even spoke with you after the matinee and said hello. I asked you why you weren't on the Soundtrack for the show and you told me it had bee recorded several years earlier. So that's the background from a humble fan whose day was made by hearing you sing and saying hello after the performance. PS If my husband didn't enjoy your singing so much, he might really be terribly jealous! Good luck and keep writing a blog. It's wonderful for the soul! R
jiujiu said…
I can hardly imagine how NY must be in those rainy days...but if I were there, even a storm would not stop me from attending the show! It's great to hear you are all doing well!! I've read the previous posts too, and I'm sure the cast and is giving 150%! and congratulation on your new entry as the seamstress...I don't know her - pity - but she must be a talented person, as everybody in this great show!
keep up the good job and hope it doesn't rain ^^
Rae said…
Hi James,

I am thrilled you had a full house yesterday. The theatre should be full at every performance.

Bob said…
Hi James. I was in Row E seat 1 at today's 3pm performance and thought the show was glorious and you were the main reason for it's success. The entire cast was first rate and as a trombone player for over 50 years loved the music and the orchestra. I wish I could have been in the part participating in such a first rate job. I did play in "fiddler on the roof" many years ago around 1966. Have you ever considered singing opera? I hope you have time to reply to my short letter. Your voice is so rich in tone whether you sing or speak. I was tearing up at the end and I knew the tragic ending that awaited your fate. "Tale of 2 Cities" has always been one of my favorite novels since high school.
Hope you have continued success.
Sincerely, Bob
Bob said…
The seamstress actress, Mackenzie Mauzy, was an actress on "Bold and the Beautiful" (a CBS soap opera which I always watch as well as "Young and the Restless and I am a man)She had a beautful voice when she sang some songs in the story line of the show. I was shocked when I recognized her on the stage in such a wonderful singing part. Bravo to her!

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