United Nations

Going to be a little quick note as I am heading to the UN in the morning to sing for Stand Up for Hunger.

It's an early day but for a tremendous cause. Our performance will be broadcast across the world to foreign dignitaries to spread the word about this great cause.

I'll give you all the details about the program so that you all can join in the effort.


Mond said…
Tomorrow the 17th? Around the world? How?

I really admire when you guys (actors and public figures) go to events like this one.

This world needs more people like you!

Artistic1 said…
Good to hear that your talent is being used for such a great AND needed cause. Hope it makes a dent (big one) with the world.
It is beyond rewarding when we can give for free the talents God graced us with, when the oportunity arises, for those less fortunate.
Hi guys here is a link to the presentation today at the UN

Its about a quarter of the way down the page and has links to the three songs performed OUT OF SIGHT, i CANT RECALL AND UNTIL TOMORROW

Special Event: United Nations staff, permanent missions, non-governmental organizations and students will take part in a “Stand Up, Take Action” event in front of the UN Secretariat building. The Stand Up event will feature performances from the cast of the Broadway Musical “A Tale of Two Cities”.
[Webcast: Archived Video - English: 38 minutes ]
Rae said…
Hi James,

The performances by you, Natalie and Kevin were awesome. You guys are so involved in so many good things. Thanks for caring.


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