Star Studded...

So, every once in a while various celebrities come by to see the show and its so great to meet them or to say hi if I've known them from before.

The other night one of my favorite people came to the show... Dennis DeYoung, who was the lead singer of the band STYX. I grew up listening to Dennis sing all those great power rock ballads, 'Come Sail Away', 'Babe' etc. He's truly an amazing singer and songwriter. And has also become a great friend.

It was so good to see him. We worked together a while back on a project that he wrote based on 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame' and the music is truly out of this world. When I was asked to sing for him all those years ago... it was such a treat. Here I was in the room with the guy who wrote all those songs on all those albums. (I gotta confess I was a huge STYX fan!)

So, working with him on that show was a stellar experience.

Anyway... ya never know who is going to show up at the stage door and it was a nice surprise to see Dennis!

Another packed house tonight. Another tremendous audience! Thanks everyone!


Rae said…
Hi James,

I am so glad the show is doing well. The show is fantastic because of the people in it. I wish I could do more to make sure that it runs for years!!!! Just keep walking!!
Evan is also into photography. Check out Wave Hill in Riverdale, if you ever have time. LOL!!
Artistic1 said…
STYX also played some of my favorite music. I first found out that Deyoung was responsible for all those soul stirring, insightful lyrics, when I researched Hunchback's music. I hope his project will find its way to Broadway in the future, soon. The music alone is really worthy, besides the fact that it is a beautiful story.
jiujiu said…
I have to admit I don't know Styx's music at all -_- but I will do some research about this band :P
I've found out that there is so much beautiful music that does not manage to arrive here in Europe...Pity...
Anyway, I'm glad the show is doing well!! :D
( A project about the Hunchback of notre dame?? I definitely have to do some research tomorrow!)
Carol said…
Interesting to see your mention of Dennis Deyoung and Hunchback. I saw it this summer when it was mounted in Chicago. Wonderful show that deserves to be seen.

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