Happy Halloween

James Barbour's MotherToday is a special day for me. Not just because it was the baby's first Halloween but because it's my mother's birthday.

My mom was a great lady who gave much of herself to others in the way of service. She was a teacher (elementary school) and a learning specialist for children who had difficulty. She passed away in July of 2005. We miss her greatly.

So when we fund raise for Broadway Cares and the Phyllis Newman Health Initiative for cancer, it means a great deal to me. Both of my parents were subjected to the effects of cancer and both lost their lives to it.

I've seen too often the pain associated with this disease and it's been one of my goals to raise awareness and help in the fight.

Most importantly I wish that my parents were here to see the baby. They would have loved her, how could you not? She was indeed a Pumpkin today... soooo cute with big pudgy cheeks and that orange suit.

Ultimately I know that they are seeing her from wherever they are.

So tonight was indeed special. It was for my mom. And as I ascended the stairs at the end of the show... I could feel both my parents in the "heavens" looking down on me.

Happy Birthday mom and Happy Halloween.


Artistic1 said…
Both your parents depict spirits that should be in the company of Heaven right now. And I am sure you were not mistaken in "feeling" them looking down on you...these feelings are what queue us in on the sense that there is definitely a power bigger than us out there. Our departed loved ones are indeed in eternal repose, but are given, by God, the blessing of communicating these feelings to us left in the land of the living, when we needfully, lovingly or faithfully seek them.
The "pumpkin" must have been a real "Kodak" moment :)
Athena said…
1st November in Spain is very special. We honour our dead relatives with a lot of flowers and we visit their graves. It is a day to think in people who aren't with us. And if your mother was born this day, you have another reason to remember her.
I'm sure your parents are always seeing you, not only last night. My husband lost his father five years ago and his mother died last February. He is only 31 and he always thinks they are with him. We haven't children yet but, if one day a baby is born, we know my parents in law will love him from Heaven.
Mond said…
Your words are so powerful! I lost my mom to cancer in 2007 and I miss her too. I am also a teacher/learning specialist, and I am sure your mom had a rewarding life.

"...as I ascended the stairs at the end of the show... I could feel both my parents in the "heavens" looking down on me." When I was at the show and you went up the stairs, I thought of my mom! Wow! I just missed a heartbeat when I read this.

Pumpkins are cute, aren't they?

Happy Halloween!

¡Feliz Día de Muertos! (Happy Day of the Death)
Rae said…
Hi James,

Your entry today really touched me.
There is so much cancer in my family. I have lost many close relatives to cancer. It is an awful disease. I am proud of the actors on Broadway who take the time to raise money for cancer and
aids. Everyone needs to pitch in and make a difference.

I am sure Hudson was adorable as a pumpkin. Perhaps you can post a pic one of these days.

Thanks again for all that you do.

Siobhan said…
Whay a nice tribute to your mom.My father also passed away from cancer 7 years ago on Oct 23. I know he is in a much better place with out any suffering like your parents.The way we live our lives is testament to keeping their memories alive.
Athena said…
Your mother was a very beautiful woman. Her eyes are so sweet and kind! And you have her smile! Thank for share this lovely picture with us ;)
michellendy said…
I have just returned home to Albany after seeing the 11/1 matinee of Tale and I am still in shock. I have never had such an emotional response to a performance before. I cried with you at the finale and when I read about your mother. Now I understand where your emotions and passion come from. Happy Birthday to your Mom and congratulations on your success. I will never forget this day.
jiujiu said…
Happy halloween from Italy too...as in spain, we have the same traditions and it is also the same in philippines from where my mom is. I can understand you and what you feel, I 've lost more than a person who was dear to me, and now I can somehow feel their presence always beside, and I'm sure it is the same for you :)

ohh, I ca hardly imagine how cute Hudson was with her pumpkin costume on *_*

again, happy halloween and wish you and your family all the best!
abzdad said…
Great show tonight, and just wanted to say that what you do tosupport Broadway cares is a great thing you are doing. I lost many relatives to this terrible disease including my mother 44 years ago when I was 14 years old, so I know what that is like. keep up the good work.
Artistic1 said…
Thanks for posting your Mom's pic. It is nice to "meet" her. She looks like she had a lot of life and light in her. What a beautiful memory...
Lauren said…
How sweet it is. Happy Belated Birthday Mrs Barbour. And happy halloween james.
Wilson said…
I was in the audience on Halloween, and still am talking about how wonderful the show was to my friends here in North Carolina. You were terrific.
I lost my mother this year to cancer and was equally moved by both your performance and your own personal story.
It's wonderful that you are all raising awareness for such a horrific disease.

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