Poster Pictures

So I got to the theatre the other day and they had put up the production photos on the outside of the theatre.

The production photos are pictures of the cast from the show in costume... just blown up really big. In some cases life size or bigger.

It's funny to see a life sized me looking at me.

Anyway... you should all check out the pics next time you pass by the theatre... and while you're there, buy a ticket or two to see the show again.

In the next blog I'm going to talk more about our "Adopt a Classroom" program. It's really making a difference and believe it or not Tale is the first Broadway show to ever implement a program such as this.

We had out first group from this program come to the show yesterday and it was a huge success!


Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I are looking forward to seeing the new production photos when we see the show for the forth time this Saturday. We have told everyone we know to see the show.
I am very excited about the "Adopt a Classroom" program and hope I can learn more about it soon so I can possibly bring my students. It is a wonderful idea and I am not surprised that "A Tale" is implementing such a program. I have seen many shows and none of them seem to be as involved with the audiences as your cast, crew and Jill have been. Thank you!

Artistic1 said…
This is really a good and worthy concept. Is the creative/advertising Tale team responsible for its development, or was it already praticed in regional or other theaters around the country?
Artistic1 said…
Could you post a photo of the posters?
jiujiu said…
Life sized pictures! It must be funny, indeed! :D Wish I could see them - and of course buy a ticket or two to see the show..aww, still have to wait till next year, though!
I will wait for the next blog, then.." adopt a class" is an interesting idea, and I would love to know more in order to discuss it with my professors at the academy ^_^

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