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We start fundraising for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS today. It's a charity that I've been involved with for a very long time and one that is very important to me.

From now on, at the end of every show, after the curtain call, the lights are brought up in the audience and I give a little speech about the charity and what it means. Cast members from the show head out into the audience (in costume) with buckets to collect donations from the audience for this worthy cause.

Given today's economy things are tight, we all know that. But think for a moment about those who have compounded expenses from medical issues. Broadway Cares and The Actor's Fund help to ease those burdens by providing funding to people for everyday living expenses, rent, food and even medication. This is a sweeping program.

And just think, if each person in our audience were to just give $1.00 (less than a bottle of water) we can raise almost $1500.00 a night. (And that's just if each person only gave a buck!)

So these next few weeks are important ones for everyone. We have a huge election pending, we have the economy to deal with and we have the holidays just around the corner.

But it's always important to remember that there are people we pass everyday that might be having a harder time than we are. If each of us reached out and helped one person in a very small way then the world can be a different place.

There is a story I heard once about a woman going to a business meeting in the city. She parked her car on the street, fed the parking meter and saw a homeless man sitting near her car. She stopped and gave him a handful of change as she passed by.

Well apparently her business meeting took longer than expected and she realized, as she was heading back to her car, that she probably had a ticket because the parking meter had expired while she was inside.

Much to her surprise there was no ticket and about 20 minutes left on the meter. She turned and saw the homeless man still sitting there. He smiled and said, "Don't worry... I got the meter for you."

He had been feeding the meter his change the entire time she was inside. One good gesture generates another.

It's one of my favorite stories.


Mond said…
You made me smile with the story :)

I am sure you'll be able to raise lots and lots of money!

If I can help in any way from here (Mexico), please let me know.
Rae said…
Hi James,
That is a beautiful story. The moral of that story pertains to you, the rest of the cast, crew, Jill and everyone involved in "A Tale of Two Cities". All of you have made a difference to so many young adults in the city and surrounding communities. My students were so grateful to have been given the opportunity, through Adopt A Class, to see your show. Most of them have never been to Broadway. It was truly an experience they will never forget.
The audience was amazing today. There was an air of excitement that I have never felt before and this was show #6 for me! The students were mesmerized by the performances. Thanks for giving so much to so many!
Athena said…
Beautiful story!
Kathy Patalsky said…
WOW! I saw the show Oct 29th and I have been changed by it. What a passionate, uplifting and powerful show the cast of TALE puts on. You, James are a breath of fresh air on stage. Such a joy to watch every movement and breath.I am officially a James Barbour fan now. Your performace broke through the gloom and repition of these pre-election days and brought me into a cloud of stardust, orange sunsets and gritty streetlevel HOPE.
As a NYC local, I am telling everyone I know to go see this show!
Your speech at the end for BROADWAY CARES was GREAT!!! My husband and I loved the unexpected 'stepping out of character' that you did to speak to the audience. You will raise much money I predict...I gave my donation!...I hope thousands more do too...and I hope they DO give 500 billion trillion dollars to this worthy cause.

Congrats and good luck! ...and yes I even want to go see the show again when I get a chance!
Kathy p, NYC
ps-Posting a review on my company blog as well...spreading the word about this must-see show.

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