Julie Andrews

So some of you who were at the show last night got to meet Julie Andrews... who was also in attendance. What a spectacular career she has had. It was wonderful to have the "buzz" throughout the theatre that she was here.

We had another great show and did a "talk back" for educators who were seeing the show. We all truly feel that this production has great value as an educational tool. Not only does it present classic literature in a very accessible way but it's also entertaining at the same time.

Tale has programs set up for students and educators including an "Adopt a Classroom" program designed to help provide an opportunity to those who might not otherwise be able to see the show.

There are so many ways to enjoy this incredible Broadway experience and I hope that you guys out there can spread the word about the opportunities!


Rae said…
Hi James,

It's Rae!
The show continues to attract a wonderful array of people from all aspects of life. I am very happy for the whole cast and Jill.

I would like to know more about the "adopt a classroom" program because I would love to bring my students from the SW BOCES program.
These students come from various homes throughout Westchester County, and most of them do not have money for a show. This would be an awesome opportunity for them.
jiujiu said…
Oh my! Julie Andrews!!!I grew up with her!!! well, I mean...my very first musical was The sound of music, I spent the first ten years of my life singing " the hills are alive, with the sound of music..lalalalaaaa"...er...I think it's better if I stop it now :P
anyway, I think the program " adopt a classroom" is a great idea! I wish there was something like that here too... But never mind! I'm a little bit old to be part of a class anymore :P
One day I will see the show on my own, that's it!
JoD said…
Yes, many students will not have the opportunity to see the show live which is a perfect reason to tape it and make it available on DVD as was the original "Sunday In The Park With George." Many of us fought to have this done with the 1997 production of "1776" but to no avail
Artistic1 said…
I agree with Jod. The show should be taped ASAP, even if it might not be a professional recording, yet. If only for the cast, Jill, and everyone involved.
I hope they filmed the Sarasota performances, to have a record of where and how the magic of Tale started.

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