CBS and Miss America

Well yesterday was a big day for A Tale of Two Cities. After having done the UN the morning before and a performance that Friday night, I was up at 6am on Saturday to head down to CBS studios here in NYC.

I had the great honor to appear with Steve Bartlestein on his morning CBS news program. Steve had come to the show a couple of weeks ago and just loved it... hence me being on his show. What a great guy. So generous, as was the entire staff there at the news room.

I arrived at around 7am, did a little sound check at 7:30 (ugh) did some pre-record at 8:30 (a little less ugh) and then went on air LIVE with him around 9:45am. Steve even got me a bagel.

I don't know if any of you caught the show but here's a link to the feed. I sang part of "I Can't Recall" live on air.

Boy is it tough to sing that early in the morning. Dana and I didn't really get to sleep until around 3:30 the night before because the baby was a bit fidgety... but I gotta do what I gotta do. I think I squeaked it out.

Anyway... many, many thanks to Steve Bartlestein and the entire staff at CBS. If you haven't done so, you guys should tune into him on Saturday mornings. He's fantastic.

OK... then... I had two shows that same day.

Talk about tired.

It didn't matter though. The matinee audience was packed and the energy lifted me out of my fog and propelled me onward. There was a group of friends, from my high school days, at the show that afternoon and some some other great friends from my undergrad days as well. Always nice to have friends in the house.

The evening performance was great too. Our current Miss America, Kristen Haglund, was in attendance. She came backstage afterward to meet the cast. She's a very sweet person and loved the show. Her reign ends at the end of the year so here's wishing her the best in all future endeavors.

Off to the matinee.

It's cold today so layer, layer, layer!


jiujiu said…
Great interview! although you look tired ( nothing you can do about it, indeed, considering your schedules) you also seem to have enjoyed the interview ( what is a pre-record? )
anyway, I saw a picture of Miss, she's so beautiful!
Rae said…
Hi James,

We saw you on CBS. Well done! You just looked exhausted. Everyone we know who has seen the show has loved it. Our friends want to see it again. No surprise to us. I am so looking forward to bringing my students on the 29th. It should be a blast!
Get some rest!
Rae & Evan
swiftone1 said…
This is from Raes husband.

A number of my coworkers went to see the show on Sat.

They had listened to me talk about the show and didnt understand how Rae and I could like the show so much that we want to
see it again and again.

Well now they do because they want to see it again!!


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