Monday Night Off...

After a very long week I finally head into a day off... and a much needed one at that. Of course, I still keep working. Many e-mails to catch up on and I have to go over my schedule for the week ahead.

That said, I want to take a second and remind everyone (not that you need reminding) that the election is fast approaching. And no matter what your political affiliation it's important to get out and vote. It's not only your right, it's your duty. OK that's my piece on that.

I've been able to catch up a bit on a couple of TV shows... mostly the World Series of Poker. I watch it every year. I was going to play in Don Chealdes' Ante Up For Darfur (a portion of everyone's winnings went to the charity) but I was on the road with Camelot and couldn't make it to Vegas. One of these days I'll get out there.

Oh... by the way... a shout out to my friend Tom Cavanagh. He's got a new series on TNT with Eric McCormack called Trust Me. From the buzz it sounds like it's going to be great. Make sure you all tune in.


jiujiu said…
I don't live in the Usa, but here we're expecting the results of the election...the world is soon to change, and personally I'm curious to know how ^_^
you play poker? *_* I'm not good at all at it, but my mom and my bro are...they're truly hustlers, you know :P
I want to know more about this new series...I hope it will arrive in italy, I actually love Eric McCormack, and loved Will and Grace! :D
Have a nice day!
Mond said…
Did the little one let you sleep? Oh well, at least you were able to spend more time at home :)

Last night I told a friend of mine here in México all about Tale, she just wanted to fly to NY ASAP!
Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I will be at the show tomorrow-#5. What a great obsession!


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