Rain Forest Bouncer

Well the Rain Forest Bouncer is the savior in our household! I'm not doing any plugs here mind you...just that this item has been the favorite place of rest for the baby. I LOVE IT! And so does she!

I wish I had one of those things... wait a minute I do... it's called a recliner... never mind. Only thing is my recliner doesn't vibrate or play music and it certainly doesn't have plastic monkey's on it that slide back and forth. That would be cool. I do have the remote and TV so I guess that rates.

But as I said... not much TV watching time these days. We had a nice walk in the park... seems like Fall is upon us which is nice. I like the change in seasons... don't necessarily like the COLD but I like the change... makes for good picture taking.

There is something about the smell of a fireplace against the crisp cool autumn air that brings back a rush of memories for me. It's comforting.

And by the way... Happy New Year to all of those who celebrated Roshashana!


Rae said…
Hi James,

Thanks for the Happy New Year wishes. My New Year started off so nicely- getting to meet you and the rest of the cast. What an awesome night for me.
See you soon,
jiujiu said…
Lol, now I have a picture of you in my mind! something similar to this :


anyway I do like the change in seasons too, for I feel that everything keeps going on...and yes, makes for good picture taking also! ;)
Have a nice day!
Lauren said…
Hey James!
I love reading your blog. Its so much fun. It seems everyone has these now. Good luck in the show tonight. I hope you're there next october when we come. Hope your doing well, it sounds like it! xD I love listening to you sing in the floridian. I hope you post more. I can tell you are posting these, cause your posting the day, date and year! xD Love yea james!

- Lauren
Rae said…
Hi again,

Just had to let you know I am spreading the word about the show.
I copied some of the posters and will put them around with the Broadwaybox.com info. I spoke to people at the local theater in White Plains and a woman told me she has seen "A Tale" two times and was not surprised at the standing ovation at the end. Everyone seemed very interested in seeing the show.
See you October 11th, if not before.


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