The Asolo

Well, yesterday we had two shows and they were fabulous.

The evening show was attended by a group of people from the Sarasota, Florida area made up of supporters of the Asolo Theatre (where Tale had it's out of town run).

What great folks... and it was terrific to see them again. Some people I knew from my time down there and some I met for the first time last night. Everyone was enthralled by the show they saw last night.

I did a benefit concert down at the Asolo last year and it was a big success.

We're trying to figure something out for this year but it looks like schedules are packed both or me and for the Asolo. Hopefully we can work something out.

Oh, we also had a big group sponsored by Adopt A Class who came to the matinee yesterday.

It truly is an incredible program.


Megan said…
How about a benefit concert in Columbus, Ohio? ;) Hehe, just kidding! I recently discovered your blog here; I'm a new fan, after seeing (and falling in love with) "A Tale of Two Cities" back in early September. I was too shy to say hello after the show, so here's my much belated "hello" and praise! I loved loved loved everything about your portrayal of Sydney, and I simply cannot wait for an OBC recording. :)

Aside from that...Any Halloween costume updates for your little one?
Artistic1 said…
Would you consider doing a Christmas concert or CD...? I, for one, would support it, and I am sure others will, too. I hope you give it a thought...
Rae said…
Hi James,

Our fifth show was another fabulous time for us. As usual, your performance was wonderful.
There is no tiring of this show for us.
It was awesome to see Orson Bean and Alley Mills, from The Wonder Years, in the audience. I spoke to Orson during intermission and he and his wife said the show was
great. We agree!
See you soon.
Rae & Evan
Debbie said…
Please oh please come back!!! I saw Tale at the Asolo twice and then had the fortune to see your concert! You blew us away. We had such a laugh when you mentioned Denis DeYoung (who we love!) and when the audience didn't respond you said you were dating yourself (I'm 41) and we laughed and said you were dating the audience! Sarasota's residents are a tad older than Tampas! I will be eagerly watching my Asolo newletter for any announcement and PLEASE write about it in the blog if you know a date so we can make sure and get tickets! We still hope to make it NYC before too long. And I can’t wait for the OBC recording. My 8 & 9 year old still sing “There’s just no honest way!” at the top of there lungs!
Hugs and Love from Florida!
Debbie (The doll lady)

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