CBS Interview

Here is a link to the video:

CBS Interview with James Barbour

Including the fact that he loved it and says he never believes the critics.

James is recovering from quite a crazy schedule with shows and interviews, but he will post again, don't worry.


Mond said…
jiujiu said…
thank you for posting! I will watch it as soon as I get back home from work, later! :)
Rae said…
Hi Edin,

Thanks for posting the CBS link. It was great seeing James, although he does look exhausted. He certainly deserves and needs his day off tomorrow. Rest up!
Rae & Evan said…
I never believe the critics either which is why I went to see the show Saturday night. I write about it on my blog in my review of A TALE OF TWO CITIES.

Thank God, Charles Dickens and Jill Santoriello for finally getting a magical, dramatic, tender yet powerful, life-changing musical back on the Broadway stage. It’s been far, far too long that we (the musical theatre loving audience) have been waiting for a story to move us as A TALE OF TWO CITIES does.

From the first stirring swells of the orchestra, to the sweet sound of stunning voices, coupled with the creative set (Tony Walton), lighting (Richard Pilbrow) and costumes (David Zinn), this musical is what Broadway is supposed to be...

For a full review go to:

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