A Nine Show Week

Well normally we do 8 shows in a one week period... this week we're doing 9.

It was decided a long time ago that since Monday is a holiday and more people would be visiting the city that we would add a Monday night show. That means we have Tuesday off.

There is a ton of good stuff coming up this week. We have a performance at the U.N. for the Hunger Program. And I might be doing a little TV appearance later on in the week as well.

I'll keep you posted on that as everything settles.

Frank Wildhorn has asked me to play the title role in the upcoming reading of The Count Of Monte Cristo. That should be fun. The music is great and I love working with Frank. We're doing it a the end of November so it should be a great Thanksgiving.

But right now... it's baby, wife and football. What more could a guy want?


jiujiu said…
Wow, you really have a full schedule! Try to rest in your free time, anyway :)
Ohh, a reading of Count of Monte Cristo!!! OMG! er..sorry, I'm just excited, I've been expecting some news since I read the first article about this project...Thank you for this awesome news!! Have a nice day!
Mond said…
Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy as you did when I went to see the show!!!

When are you coming to Mexico City? I know, I know... one can just hope, right?

Miss NY :(
Rae said…
Hi James,

Evan and I are really enjoying your
Broadway in Concert CD. We also purchased the caricature of the main cast. It is just great.
We are looking forward to hearing about your other endeavors.

Anonymous said…
Hi James
I saw the show on Saturday night and met you onstage. I know the manager was shoving us out the door but I just wanted to re-iterate how incredibly moving and inspiring your performance was. As I told you, it was my 4th time seeing the show. I leave next week for a Nat'l Tour and had to catch your performance once more before I leave New York. Honestly, it was chilling. I have never seen a performance like the one you give in this show. I wish you nothing but the best and hope the show continues to thrive!

Best -
Jillian Wallach

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