Robert Redford, Kenneth Cole and the Sundance Institute

Dana and I had a wonderful evening tonight. We were invited by our friends Kenneth Cole and Maria Cuomo-Cole to the 2008 Sundance Institute Celebration.

"Sundance Institute is an international not-for-profit incubator for the development and presentation of original stories for the screen and stage. They provide independent artists a space to explore their stories free from commercial pressures, and they present the Sundance Film Festival, a platform to take their works to a global audience.

"The Institute is where film and theatre artists find access to creative professionals as mentors, and a wellspring of personal and financial support. The Institute's activities include the following five core programs in addition to a range of initiatives.

"Sundance Film Festival
"Feature Film Program
"Documentary Film Program
"Film Music Program
"Theatre Program"

It was an amazing night. Patrons and supporters of the Arts were all in attendance. Robert Redford was incredibly gracious and his dedication to Sundance is remarkable. He's a true icon.

What he has created in Sundance stands as a pinnacle in artistic development and is a testament that art can be created without the pressures of commercialized production. And that given the opportunity, artists can indeed thrive in this supportive environment.

The irony about all of this is that many of these works end up being incredibly "commercially" successful due, in my own opinion, to the freedom given to those who are creating them.

So thanks to Kenneth and Maria for a wonderful invite and thanks to Robert Redford for creating a place where artists can do what they do best... create.


Siobhan said…
You lead some fabulous life ! Care to switch places with me?! It sounds like it was a wonderful evening. I love Kenneth Cole's clothes and shoes..he designs some great items.
Mond said…
Anyone who is bold enough to let people be creative is worth of admiration. Don't you think so?

Now, I don't think people need permission to be creative... but that's just me.

Have a great week!
jiujiu said…
Ohh, I'm sure it was a great night! Sundance is a very well known celebration here in Europe, it seems that many if not every single movie presented there actually reaches European theaters! :D It has the same importance of Cannes, Berlin and Venice to us here, so I agree with you, we must be thankful to mr. Redford for giving artists a place to promote theirselves and their works :)
Anywat, I'm glad that both of you have enjoyed the celebration! :D

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