The United Nations Performance

Some of the cast of A Tale of Two Cities performed at the UN today. It was fascinating.

I've been around politics and politicians a great deal in my life and my father-in-law has spoken at the UN many times... but it's still wild to be in the epi-center of the worlds decision makers.

Today the General Assembly was picking new members of the Security Counsel so it was extra busy. And our performance area was directly opposite THE General Assembly room.

We were singing for Stand Up For Poverty.

We arrived at the UN about 8:40am which I have to admit was tough given that most of us go to sleep around 1am after a night show. The baby was a bit active last night so Dana and I didn't really hit the hay until 2ish. That makes for an early morning especially when I had to do a sound check at 9:30am (meaning getting up at around 6:30). UGH! Not so bad when I'm on a TV schedule but for theatre... it's killer.

It also wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to sing in the morning. Sleep really makes a difference to the voice and without it... it's a bit tougher to squeak out those notes.

That said... we all did our sound check, Natalie sang Out Of Sight Out Of Mind, the ensemble sang Until Tomorrow and I sang I Can't Recall.

After the sound check we went back to our holding room.

Walking through the halls of the UN is a pretty cool thing. You are surrounded by delegates from all over the world and these people are making THE decisions about what goes on. It reminds me how important it is to vote by the way... so please do so!

At any rate, the event began at 11 am and was hosted by Hosted by H.E. Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann. President of the UN General Assembly, Asha-Rose Migiro, UN Deputy Secretary-General, Ad Melkert, Under-Secretary-General and Associate Administrator, UNDP and Kiyo Akasaka, Under-Secretary-General for Communication and Public Information, this event was broadcast all over the world to the many participating consulates. Pretty spectacular!

Our cast was amazing and sang their butts off. We filled the grounds of the UN with music from A Tale of Two Cities and since we were singing outside by the Peace Bell the message of music really made its mark across the world.

For a video of the event, click here.

After the event some of the cast stayed for a private tour and lunch in the delegates room... but a couple of us thought it best to head home since we had a show that night and we were working on very little sleep.

I raced home and got a couple of hours sleep myself but before long it was diaper changing and dog walking time.

Ahh, life in the city...


jiujiu said…
wow, I didn't knew you and all the cast were involved in such an event! I really admire you all! I will look forward to see the video! I wish that you all had the chance to rest more, I know what it feels to not have enough of it, so take care and keep up the good job!
Rae said…
The performances at the UN were great. You have a tough schedule.
Evan and I appreciate how hard you work.
Mond said…
You just made me remember the good old times of my life as a Fulbright Scholar... *sigh*

It's amazing the way you can change the world... your voice (all the cast) touch souls in a magical way.

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