Joey Reynolds

So I did the joey Reynolds show tonight WOR radio. What an amazing guy.

We had an absolute blast.

Joey loved Tale and is sending everyone he can. He even played some song clips from Tale and from my CD.

Joey's history is rich and his experience diverse. Please tune into him and give him a listen.

To listen to it online look for "Joey Reynolds - October 31, 2008 - 3A-4A".


Anonymous said…
Everyone that I have recommended to see Tale has so enjoyed it and most want to see it again.

Rae and I will be there Saturday night with friends.
Every time we have seen the show its like we are seeing it for the first time.

Rae said…
Hi James,

I just listened to the radio broadcast by Joey Reynolds. Your interview was great. People from all different backgrounds love "A Tale of Two Cities" and realize that it is a success. It is a show that touches the heart of all age groups and is a show that should be seen by families for the holidays. How can 1500 people be wrong???

gerard763 said…
I am so heartbroken about ATOTC closing tomorrow. You cannot imagine. I am kicking myself because I only went to see it for the first time last Thursday, 10/30. I was blown away. Your voice is so compelling and your performance so phenomenal (you are a Tony Award shoe-in for Best Actor in a Musical)...I was on my feet at the end. I immediately came home and wanted to buy tickets for everyone and was gathering up dates of availability for family and friends. By the time I did that, I saw on that it was closing. I was at work and could not concentrate the rest of the day. I immediately bought tickets for the 16th...row K...was in 7th Heaven. Then I got the email saying it was closing on the 9th...well I had tickets to see Equus for the 9th and immediately dumped them...and will catch tomorrow...but please know you have such a devotee in my are amazing and your castmates...each and every one COULD novel nowadays for casting...when everyone seems to cast non singers for musicals!!!..anyway, my best to you and I will be wishing you all the best....a fan, Gerard King

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