Stage Craft

There are so many things that go into the development of a Broadway show from the designs of the set, lighting, costumes and even sound. Not to mention, of course, the development of the music, script and lyrics and how all of this ultimately comes together as a final product.

That’s all well and good but what’s never really discussed is how we, as actors, integrate into all of that. It’s a big process and each one of those individual aspects has a direct impact on what we do on stage.

So I’m going to write a series on how each of these aspects of stage craft integrates into my performance (may put them up somewhere other than the blog, but will link to them if I do) and how I subsequently integrate into them.

Hopefully it will prove to be an interesting foray into this area... I'll try my best to make it so.


Mond said…
Yes! It would be the best thing ever! Did I mention that I am writing a book about musical theatre and multiple intelligences (developed by Howard Gardner)?

This idea rocks because I could (quoting you, of course) integrate some pieces to my book.

I can't wait! :)
Mond said…
Before I forget (again), I hardly recommend adding some of your songs to the blog :)
jiujiu said…
Ohh, this is the best news for me today! I had a workshop this morning and a lesson about how musical are born, but to read something about the whole process from a broadway star like truly makes my day! thank you!I'll look forward to read more!

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