Big Box Office!

Well we had an amazing week last week. TALE had one of the (if not THE) largest increase in ticket sales of any Broadway show on the boards! Thanks to you all... we're really flying.

The push continues to fill every seat and let people know that TALE is here to stay.

To that end... thanks so much to Rae and her husband who both came back to the show last night for their (3rd time) I think. It was great to meet them. Rae and I took a picture backstage that I'll have posted on the blog as soon as I get a copy.

It was another wonderful show last night. Although I did almost get the hiccups right before "I CAN'T RECALL." That would have been tough.

I'm having such a blast playing this role. It's exhausting but so fulfilling.

Oh, one other note... I did a half hour interview with the legendary Joe Franklin yesterday which aired live on Bloomberg Radio. He loved the show and said that he thought it was going to be "the sleeper hit of the season." Thanks Joe!!

Two show day today!


Rae said…
Hi James,

Yes it was #3 for us. Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us and pose for the photo. We will bring it on October 11- show #4 for us. You and everyone connected to "Tale" has brightened our lives. It was a blast meeting you and the rest of the cast. A special shout out to Margaret(Mile's mom) for welcoming us. We truly felt like part of the

Rae & Evan
jiujiu said…
I'm so glad to hear this news ( even though I read the article a minute ago and just jumped off my seat from joy!:D ) for It means I will surely be able to see the show someday next year! *_*
There are so many shows I didn't manage to see and I'm still sad about that.
Anyway, I'm so happy for Rae and her husband but also for all the fans who had the chance to see the show and meet you and all the cast and crew.
You did a great job and deserve all this love and admiration from your admirers :)
Lucy said…
Hi James,
Oh I'm so so happy for all the "Tale" family! You guys deserve full houses for years to come. I have both the demo CD's and have enjoyed listening to how the show has grown thru these releases. It was great actually seeing these songs (unfortunately one of my favorites was cut .... oh it's a duet - maybe "All In My Mind" not sure, but the show moves well and I am enjoying all the beautiful voices!
Lori Ann
Siobhan said…
I think it's because of you, you're a one man publicity machine ! Keeping the fans so updated with you and the show makes people want to see the show. I want to go again and will once I find more people to go with !

BTW: is there any way you can tell us in advance of your promotional stuff you do? I was lucky to have caught NY1 On Stage this Monday for your great interview.
Artistic1 said…
Can you post link to interview?

My answear to the tennis ball question is: The "old" ones have more character and substance, thus, more interesting and attractive...the new ones don't have much to rival.

Hope answears to my questions come, soon...

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