Packed Sat

Another full house Saturday afternoon! It was a great audience.

One of our cast members had a small group from his home town at the show. We did a short 'talk-back' afterward with them (a talk-back is where a group sits in the audiences, asks questions of the actors and the actors... talk back).

What an interesting group from all walks of life.

Always nice to hear what the rest of the world is doing. It's so easy to get locked into our lives and put blinders on to what's going on around us.

I think it's important to extrovert ourselves and look at the world objectively. I try to do so and it thus gives me a more objective viewpoint on my own life.

One more show today and then a day off!


Rae said…
Hi James,

It's Rae, again!!!
Enjoy your day off.
Evan and I look forward to the "Tale" CD. We listen to the
concept album all of the time, but that's not your wonderful voice we hear!!!
jiujiu said…
I had a talk-back once and never knew it! ( or at least I never knew it was called so ^_^ ) It surely was an interesting experience...
Anyway, have a nice day off!
Artistic1 said…
Regarding your comment on objectivity...what about the "visceral" responce, like you have expressed?
I think if we get "too" objective and "overthink" about something, we end up losing the essence of what we felt initialy. Thus, we lose the magic or warning, whichever case may be, of that initial response, which made us happy or warned us about something. Usually, this original feeling (or visceral response), is what really guides us in our lives. Every time I have "double guess" myself, I end up in the wrong situation. Just some caring advice.

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