Oops! NBC cuts into President Bush's speech about economy with ad for 'A Tale of Two Cities'

Had to share this article with everyone, NY Daily News reports

Oops! NBC cuts into President Bush's speech about economy with ad for 'A Tale of Two Cities'
Updated Saturday, October 11th 2008, 2:32 PM

It was the worst of technical difficulties.

WNBC-TV cut into President Bush's speech about the dire state of the economy this morning with a commercial for the Broadway musical "A Tale of Two Cities."

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times," the ad bellowed over the ominous image of a guillotine slamming down.

After several seconds of the gloomy ad, WNBC's feed quickly snapped back to Bush's speech.

WNBC said it was a glitch and the incredible timing was a coincidence.

"During the President's speech this morning, we experienced a 4-second technical issue and inadvertently interrupted his message," the station said in a statement.

"We fixed the problem quickly and apologize for the error."

A station source said they got no complaints from viewers and no employees were reprimanded for the snafu.

The glitch occurred as Bush addressed the press after holding talks with finance ministers from the Group of Seven industrial nations.

The screen cut to the ad - featuring a grim clip of actor James Barbour grasping a flask as character Sydney Carton - just as Bush was assuring viewers, "these extraordinary efforts are being implemented as quickly as ..."

The station quickly switched back to the president's comments, and Bush continued, "...but as the actions take effect, they will help restore stability to our market and confidence in our financial institutions."

It continues from there with more of about Bush, etc., but this was just way to funny!!

Update: Here are some more links to this story, will add them as I find them:

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Mond said…
Hey there! Your newest #1 fan from Mexico... I saw the show last September 27th and it is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen (from a total of 150 plus).

You are INCREDIBLE! So is this post! Wow! Wish I had seen it!

Thanks for sharing!
Artistic1 said…
Political commentary aside, this had to be the most powerful (and timely) advertising, ever, for Tale!
jiujiu said…
Wow! I agree with artistic1!! anyway...it must have been funny!! Here in italy we have a different perception of american politics, but you know... to see the president's speech cut by a spot saying " it was the best of times.." in a period like this would make a lot of people smile here :P
JoD said…
I love it! And so too, I think, would Mr. Dickens.

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