TALE Promo

So we're on to our second show of the day in about 40 minutes (yes I have internet in my dressing room) and I'm sitting in the warmth of the room writing the blog.

It's a rainy day today but despite the weather we had some amazing folks waiting outside the stage door (IN THE RAIN). Thanks to all those who braved the weather. Wasn't so bad really just a bit of a drizzle but it was still wet.

There is a great new promotion TALE has going on. We're selling $79 tickets through Nov 25th! The info is below.

Call 212-947-8844 use code TCBBX77 or go to Broadwayoffer.com and enter the code! $79.00 tickets !

Gotta go get ready!!


Rae said…
Hi James,

Is Hudson's birthday August 29th?
We tried to send pic, but it didn't go through. Evan put it on facebook.
I would like to get my students and staff to see the show(around 30 people). That would be fun!!!
Have a great show!!

jiujiu said…
You really have internet in you dressing room! wow! I'm lucky if I have internet in my Room, so.. :P
Anyway I wish I could be there to take advantage of the promo...I still have to wait till next year, though! But it is a wonderful idea, it will bring more audience to the show! Oh, I hardly imagine your enthusiasm! Keep up the good work!

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